Career Module 4

Resume, Portfolio, and Interview Preparation

On average, there are 250 applicants for each position filled. Our consultants, who know what hiring managers want, provide the support and training you need to create an effective and professional resume and portfolio. Our flexible interview preparation kit will prepare you, make you feel more confident, and help you stand out from the competition.

Resume + Portfolio Preparation

The Elevator Pitch

Whether on the phone or in person, being able to clearly and concisely express who you are, what you want and why you are qualified for your target career is extremely important. We help you craft your own unique 30 second elevator pitch.

Resumes + Cover Letters

Our consultants help you develop a base resume and cover letter, which will meet hiring managers in your field's expectations. Our Interview Kit will then help you tailor these base documents to suit specific job opportunities.

Portfolio of Proof

Nothing is more aggravating in an interview than being stumped by the simple question, “Can you give me an example of that?” Our portfolio development process will prepare you to substantiate every aspect of your resume with clear, concise examples, and professional recommendations.

Get in touch!

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Interview Preparation

Interview Basics

Be confident for interviews through knowing of what to expect. We provide step-by-step coaching for every aspect of the interview from pre-interview research to the thank you email.

Interview Kit

Our personalized Interview Prep Kit helps you tailor your resume, portfolio and interview preparation so that you are ready for interviews in your chosen career.