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Career Module 2 + 3

Networking + Career Planning

70% of all jobs are filled through personal connections, so we help you establish relationships with professionals in your chosen field. We then work with you to customize a step-by-step plan based on the input from your networking contacts to make you a standout candidate.


Networking Basics

Our program teaches valuable networking skills, including how to identify, contact and communicate with professionals. Our communication templates take the guesswork out of everything from the introductory email to the thank you note.


We work closely with you to identify suitable contacts and leverage our own network of professionals to guarantee your networking success. Most important, we provide you with tools to maintain and build your network on-going so that when it’s time to apply for that internship or first job, you'll know what to do.

Online Presence

Hiring managers are online and a professional online presence is more important than ever. In addition to helping you establish a top profile on LinkedIn, the number one professional site for networking, we also help you audit and adapt your current online presence with the eye of a hiring manager.

Career Planning

Qualification Inventory

Our consultants, using our qualification inventory tool, will help you review your current skills and experiences to identify potential gaps.

Action Plan

Based on your Qualification Inventory we help you lay out a step by step plan to acquire the qualifications you need and establish a resume which will stand out when it is time to apply for employment.