Career Module 1

Self-Assessment + Career Exploration

It is important to choose the right career so you're not one of 70% of Americans who are unhappy with their careers. Understand your personality, skills, passions and lifestyle expectations to identify the career that fits you best. Our unique process and proprietary software help you quickly sort through over 1000 careers and identify those that match you and your priorities.


MBTI Assessment

We utilize the most widely recognized career assessment tool, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). Personality type assessment, to identify how personality relates to potential careers.

Lifestyle Discovery

You will “shop” for your preferred lifestyle and determine your own salary requirements using our unique life surfing tool.

Passion Identification

Doing what you love is good business and one of the number one predictors of success. We help you identify your passions to better criteria to assess potential careers and ensure you will truly be happy to go to work every day.

Skills Recognition

Our skills assessment tool matches your skills to career qualifications to identify your top, most-marketable skills.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Our proprietary software quickly filters through over 1000 careers to match your priorities. Our software puts extensive career-related research all at your fingertips, enabling you to quickly focus on careers which fit and interest you most.

Career Selection

Our consultants and proprietary software help you review all your findings, establish a plan to further investigate careers, and create an action plan to land a job in your chosen field.