Our Clients

The power of owning your decisions

Max started CC360 just before transferring to college in Montana. He wasn’t sure what he’d major in but participated in our entire program from self-assessment to building his portfolio. “CC360 gave me a lot of help but I was in charge of all of the decisions. The networking workshop was eye opening for me and I couldn’t believe how much people were willing to help me. Once I started talking to people in my target field, I knew I wanted to be a Certified Financial Planner. I am a junior and I already feel like I have an edge on building my career.” Max continues to grow his professional network and is working with CC360 to secure an internship.

student max
student mia

Yes, History is a great major

Mia came to us as a senior at University of Notre Dame, majoring in History.  She was not inspired by the typical career paths for her major and was anxious about graduating. “I am so happy I worked with Sam at CC360.  After I completed a self evaluation and career investigation, it was clear I wanted to be a curator at a museum.  It pulls together my love for History, research skills and really fits my personality.”  Mia continues to work with CC360 to meet professionals in her target industry, develop her resume and portfolio and prepare for job interviews.

Grad school or a job?

Mikayla had a big decision to make. She completed her undergraduate studies and was considering graduate school, but was still unsure as to career direction. After investigating careers, she not only decided on her direction but also received multiple job offers from the professionals she networked with as part of the program. She is now on track to become an archeologist and plans to attend grad school after gaining her first experience with an archeology firm.

student connor
student mia

Back home

After starting college as an engineering major John found himself back home, working part time jobs. He was uninspired at school and needed some time to figure out what his true passions were. He picked engineering-related careers because he knew he was “great at math.” The problem was, like many others, he did not consider his passions, or if an engineering career fit his personality. After completing self assessments and networking, John refocused his career search and college goals to fit his personality, passions and skills. We are confident that this outgoing and energetic young man is going to have a great career in his chosen field, marketing. John is networking with industry professionals and taking his first few courses in his new major.

Is the grass greener?

Connor is a freshman studying visual arts in New York. He was certain he wanted to be in film but like many other freshman, was concerned that he had started at the wrong school. “With CC360, I made a clear list of what I was looking for in a college… I researched all options that would get me to the career I wanted, networked with students at the schools I liked best and made a surprising decision.” Connor decided to stay at his current school and is moving toward his career goals.

student connor
student nicole

It’s OK to reach for your dream job.

Nicole knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a Vet but she was not sure how to make it happen. “I had heard it’s harder to become a vet then it is to become a doctor. I didn’t even know what networking was when I started and now one of the top vets in RI is my mentor. I’m a high school sophomore and I’ve already met directly with the head of the pre-vet program at URI, and other established vets in the community.” CC360 helped Nicole ask for help to build a powerful network of mentors to help her throughout her schooling and eventually her career.

From no idea to ... That’s it

Sean was in his 3rd year of college and was still not sure what he wanted to do. “CC360’s program helped me make important decisions. It was as simple as having the right information, time and structure to compare and research careers directly connected to what is most important to me.” Sean is now pursuing a career as a physical therapist at San Francisco State.

student sean
student william

I got into the perfect school.

William is a bay area high school student who worked with Eva on his application and essay to get into the best school possible. “Thank you for your help with my application process … I was accepted into a number of schools that I thought were a reach for me.” William is now attending his perfect school.