Paul Palmer

Paul Palmer, Jr. II

Director, Higher Education

I am a professor at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. I joined CC360 because helping people find their true passion in life aligns with what has given me meaning and purpose throughout my career. I have gotten the most satisfaction from helping others, be it mentoring younger employees or direct reports, counseling the MBA students I teach or coaching youth sports teams.

With an MBA, 20 years experience as a marketing executive and 5 as a professor, it was a natural fit to join CC360 to help young adults make the transition from college to career.

Little known fact: Paul owns 162 college sweatshirts and for the past 18 years has worn one on each day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (yes, he is a bit of a sports geek).
“Paul, congratulations on winning the 2012 Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award.  You are consistently one of the best, and we appreciate the significant impact you have in the classroom with our students!”- Daniel C. Smith, Dean, Kelley School of Business Indiana University
“This class was different. I was always excited to come to class because I knew I was going to learn something new and different. I liked how you used real world examples that I could relate to, and it also helped me understand the material. Everything was presented clearly and I found the material to be intriguing because it could actually be applied to experiences outside the classroom. You were always excited to teach and made the students feel comfortable, and that made the overall feel of the class enjoyable.” Cara Jacobs, Student
“I want to thank you again for a great semester, this was my most beneficial classes here at IU. I wish more teachers would teach their classes with your style of incorporating interview prep, and preparing you for the next step as you go into your profession.” Luke Lesniewski, Student